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Cornbread Consulting is a community-driven consulting provider that caters to the restaurant industry. We harness the years of experience our professionals have to help restaurant owners prevail in their field of competition and simplify the business-running aspect of things.

We believe that restaurants should be filled with passion and excitement and never with overwhelm or headaches, which is why we do our utmost best to give restaurant owners a break from the dirty work.

Our experience expands to include bookkeeping, which is a significant obstacle for many restaurant owners, and a hurdle that causes 46% of small businesses to fail. We also provide restaurant owners with proper business training for them and their staff, allowing them to effectively invest in their most important asset, their people!

After years of working with restaurants, we’ve accumulated a competent and skilled team that’s dedicated, professional, and accurate with all their strategies. With the proper knowledge, tools, and up-to-date legal information, our team is now capable of helping any restaurant owner from the starting point all the way to expanding and increasing their services.

If you make the wise decision of choosing Cornbread Consulting, you’ll be joining a team that has witnessed all kinds of restaurant owners, knows the right calls to make, and knows exactly which pitfalls to avoid.

In other words, you’ll have a restaurant-growing cheat code to help you turn your passion project into a productive, cost-effective powerhouse.

  • Award-winning strategies and tried and tested methods.
  • A wide range of consulting services to cover all of a restaurant owner’s needs.
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Restaurant Turnover + Rebranding

In a world where customers’ interests are changing every minute, new trends are growing every day, and competition is as fierce as it’s ever been, you as a restaurant owner have to stay on your toes 24/7.


Profit + Loss & Inventory Management

If you’re struggling to stay on top of your finances, we can help organize your earnings, losses, and inventory to accurately monitor your growth and discover financial leaks before they become disasters.


Operation Systems & Branded Training

With our branded systems, you can learn more about the different moving parts of creating value around your restaurant and how you can optimize these strategies to gain an unbeatable competitive edge.


Helping restaurant owners master the business aspect since day one.


I have been in business for about six years, doing catering and food delivery. My restaurant business skills weren't top-notch but when I consulted with Cornbread Consulting Firm, I was able to get the coaching and guidance I need to succeed in my restaurant business.
Thanks for all the help. By the way, I gave your personal email to my brother, to see if you can help him too in his food business.

Elizabeth A. Morales

Restaurant Owner

When I first consulted Cornbread Consulting Firm, I was a little nervous, just because I had no restaurant business experience. It takes longer to build a good and trusted restaurant brand, if you're just starting out. But, it is still very possible.
Luckily, I was really desperate for a restaurant coach, and I was able to patiently build my restaurant's reputation.

Harold B. Malley


You guys have been great! Thanks to your help, and thanks to my restaurant coach, I was able to get the restaurant mentorship I badly needed for my restaurant business.
You taught and guide me how to manage my restaurant more efficiently and at the same time, start building my restaurant brand reputation.

Sherry O. Hawkins

Restaurant Proprietor