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About Us

Your goals, our priorities.

At Cornbread Consulting, every client who trusts our expertise has only one regret: not joining us earlier! Why?

Because we enter every project and restaurant with the mindset of treating it as our own and put 120% of our energy and experience into checking every box needed for the restaurant’s growth.

  • We keep our clients involved every step of the way.

  • We create solutions that fit your project like a glove.

  • We hire professionals and professionals only.

Our Solutions

A comprehensive range of solutions to cover all your needs.

Restaurant Turnover +


In a world where customers’ interests are changing every minute, new trends are growing every day, and competition is as fierce as it’s ever been, you as a restaurant owner have to stay on your toes 24/7.

Profit + Loss & Inventory Management

If you’re struggling to stay on top of your finances, we can help organize your earnings, losses, and inventory to accurately monitor your growth and discover financial leaks before they become disasters.

Operation Systems & Branded Training

With our branded systems, you can learn more about the different moving parts of creating value around your restaurant and how you can optimize these strategies to gain an unbeatable competitive edge.

Sustainable Business Models

Helping restaurant owners master the business aspect since day one.

We understand that most business owners might not be familiar with the industry as a whole and will feel overwhelmed and out of their league when met with strategic, financial, or transitional challenges.

Our mission is to simplify your experience and provide you with a set of strategies that, when combined with great food and drinks, can make your restaurant truly shine!

Our Core Features

Our years of experience expand into every detail of the restaurant business.

Restaurant AI


Birthday Marketing


Operations Optimization

Branded Systems

What We Do

We help you eliminate any guesswork when growing your restaurant.

Our team believes in calculated, guaranteed steps that don’t carry any risk and creating a solid base for future growth way after our work is done.

We help you create long-term changes that are effective and monitor your progress closely to adjust when needed.

  • A hands-on approach.

  • Strategy in every step.

  • An unmatched ROI.

  • Proven results.

  • Forward-thinking attitude.

  • Reliable professionals.


Projects Completed


Satisfied Clients


Restaurant Improved


Expert Team Members

Meet Our Consultants

With decades of combined experience, our team of professionals is exactly who you need to grow a successful restaurant.

Julius Tolbert

Executive Coach

Amiya Tolbert

Creative Director

Brittany Clarke

Client Relations Manager

David Miller

Hospitality Coach

Company Skills

If you’re starting a restaurant, you need us by your side!

From planning, and studying feasibility, to growing and expanding your project, our team will help you nail every single step, minimize your costs, and maximize your benefits.

We are experienced with licensing, customer demographics, zoning, and much more, and we will provide you with a list of viable recommendations that will be effective and easy to follow.

Meet Our Clients

Join our community of thriving restaurant owners today!

Important Articles

Our Blog Posts

25 AUG 2021

What does the restaurant sector look like after COVID-19?

Everyone is facing distinct obstacles as a result of COVID-19, and we are all currently at various levels of isolation and quarantine. COVID-19 epidemic has had an undeniable impact on the food industry, as well as virtually every part of our lives.

2 NOV 2021

Why is ServSafe important?

We must follow some directions in this corona virus pandemic, such as social distance, nutritious diets, frequent handwashing, and, most importantly, staying at home. To combat the corona virus, we need a strong immune system, and strengthening our immune system is as simple as eating healthy meals and staying at home. Fresh, well-prepared, and clean foods are examples of healthy foods in terms of food safety. We have a number of food safety certifications, including ServSafe.

9 JAN 2022

Top 5 Reasons You Need a Restaurant Consultant

If you have no prior experience founding or running a restaurant, you will almost certainly run across difficulties. There are various characteristics and factors to consider while starting a restaurant business in order to run your business efficiently and profitably.

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