What does life after corona look like for restaurant industry?

What does life after corona look like for restaurant industry?

Coronavirus has created different challenges for everyone. All of us now in the numerous stages of isolation, distancing, and quarantine. 


The coronavirus pandemic has undeniably changed the restaurant business, it has affected basically every aspect of our life. Businesses like restaurants and hotels are already difficult to operate in the best times and now at this time of pandemic, it becomes impossible. 


There is a large number of reasons for this failure rate like changing customers’ priority and wrong location.


For example, coffee shops almost each office worker needs coffee but now there is barely a coffee shop open.


Due to the lockdown, many office workers are doing their work from home. Now, how can we run our coffee business?


While the restaurant industry has been affected by the current events, the real impacts can be hard to measure because things have been far from squarely meted out. The pizza industry is actually growing because pizza is affordable and pizza companies have spent the last several years accomplishing delivery in 30 minutes or less.


There are also minimal touchpoints between the time a pie goes into the oven and the time it goes into a box and then sent out for delivery.


To run our business or restaurant in this pandemic condition called coronavirus, first of all, we have to think about the customer’s need, what our customer wants from us, and in which way?


  1. A customer wants pure food without any virus or infection.
  2. Food with minimum touchpoints of staff and delivery drivers.
  3. Taste and budget-friendly items because in this pandemic condition of coronavirus people are struggling and trying to survive with unemployment and depression of being locked at home.


The last one is customer service and satisfaction it includes your services like order, delivery, and billing.


In this period, people should be allowed to pay their bills through credit cards or using online billing methods. In short, we can say, “it’s all about the food security and cleanliness, and customer safety also.”


Now, what steps should be taken in restaurants for the prevention of coronavirus and make our business efficient and auspicious let’s talk about this.


The restaurant industry is trying to be more efficient by improving its speed-of-services and labor efficiency. But in this pandemic condition, we should not compromise on safety, cleanliness, and hygiene even at the expense of efficiency and speed.


For this purpose, we must change our business model and follow some instructions,


  • Cleaning of credit cards when handed to staff and upon return.
  • Cleaning of POS terminal between transactions or when another staff member uses it.
  • Divide large halls into small sections or increase the distance between the tables.
  • Removal of salt and pepper shakers from the table or provide in packets on demand.


In this period, these are some instructions that we must follow while running a restaurant.


By thinking and planning, we will be well prepared to address the objections of a scared and emotionally disturbed consumer.


The better we can be in the position of satisfying their demands and addressing their needs, the quicker we will return to normalcy and profitability.

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