5 Reasons You Need A Restaurant Consultant

If you donโ€™t have any experience in starting or running a restaurant business, then you will definitely face some problems and troubles.   While starting a restaurant business, there are some aspects and factors that should be put into consideration to run your business smoothly and successfully.   Some of these factors are: Brand and […]
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When pandemic ends: Life after coronavirus

Coronavirus has spread from China and caused this global pandemic.   Everyone in this world is scared of what are they facing. The sad reality is that coronavirus is spreading quickly and will continue to spread for a while.   No one knows how it will end but it has caused the global markets to […]
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Why is ServSafe important in the restaurant industry?

In this coronavirus pandemic, we should be practicing social distancing, eating healthy foods, washing our hands frequently, and as much as possible, staying at home.   To stay safe from coronavirus, we should have a strong immune system.   Healthy foods are fresh, clean, and well prepared. For food safety we have some certifications and […]
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What does life after corona look like for restaurant industry?

Coronavirus has created different challenges for everyone. All of us now in the numerous stages of isolation, distancing, and quarantine.ย    The coronavirus pandemic has undeniably changed the restaurant business, it has affected basically every aspect of our life. Businesses like restaurants and hotels are already difficult to operate in the best times and now […]
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