When pandemic ends: Life after coronavirus

When pandemic ends: Life after coronavirus

Coronavirus has spread from China and caused this global pandemic.


Everyone in this world is scared of what are they facing. The sad reality is that coronavirus is spreading quickly and will continue to spread for a while.


No one knows how it will end but it has caused the global markets to crash, which means as a business owner you will be affected.


Businesses are struggling for a while now.


Restaurants are highly affected with this pandemic either whether it’s KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut or Dominos every restaurant is badly affected with coronavirus. Restaurants are closed because of the lockdown.


The coronavirus outbreak is already devastating to the restaurant industry.


Roger Lipton, a restaurant industry analyst, investor, and advisor said that there is an upcoming “restaurant apocalypse” and unexpected challenges.


Roughly 110,000 restaurants are expected to close next month. An estimated 30,000 restaurants have already shut down permanently.


Restaurants have lost $25 billion in sales.


Due to lockdown, unemployment in restaurants has also become an issue for the people, and according to a report, 3 million people have already lost their jobs. Half of the restaurants couldn’t survive for more than 16 days if they stop bringing in money.


The National Restaurant Association (NRA) estimated that in the upcoming 3 months there will be 5 to 7 million people who will lose their jobs.


Restaurants have been badly hit in our country and we can’t do anything about it and if we want to be safe from the virus we should practice social distancing because it is the only way to avoid getting coronavirus.


After this coronavirus, we can say that the unemployment issue will be solved because people will go out to celebrate when this pandemic is over.


Life after coronavirus won’t be easy at the start but in due time it will be easy and steady.


Restaurants are struggling hard at this point but after these restaurants will be one of the highest-paid businesses in the world may be food trucks can also play a great role.


After coronavirus, people will go to the restaurant right away to enjoy dining out with their family, relatives, and friends. Food trucks will also grow after this pandemic.


We are hopeful we will beat coronavirus and everybody is waiting when this pandemic will be over and we will all be back to our normal lives.


Restaurants will flourish more when this lockdown ends and it is great to see the people enjoying dining out again. We are looking forward to seeing restaurants jam-packed with customers again.

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